Daily Finances
Below you will find a range of financial resource and tools to assist you with managing your personal finances.

Government and Non-profit Financial Assistance

MoneySmart – This is a great resource created by the Australian government which provides a wealth of information in regards to finance and how to get the most out of your money.

Department of Human Services – Get all the information you need in regards to benefits and government services here.

Financial Counselling Australia – If you are experiencing financial difficulties, reach out to the FREE financial counselors of Australia. They will be able to assist you in working through your financial difficulties.

Financial Literacy – Arm yourself with a better understanding of personal finance through this site.

Money Stuff – Is a NSW Fair Trading site which assists younger Australians and teachers with financial literacy. There is a wealth of information to help Aussies learn about and control their money.

Legal Assistance

There are numerous situations which may require legal help including; civil, family, financial and criminal law in addition to other circumstances. Knowing where to get assistance may be difficult. Below is a list of state and territory run legal services.

Australian Financial Security Authority – For insolvency or trustee related services (bankruptcy information)

Legal Aid NSW – Legal help for those in New South Wales

Legal Aid QLD – Legal help for those in Queensland

Legal Aid VIC – Legal help for those in Victoria

Legal Aid WA – Legal help for those in Western Australia

Legal Aid ACT – Legal help for those in the Australian Capitol Territory

Legal Aid TAS – Legal help for those in Tasmania

Legal Services Commission of South Australia – Legal help for those in South Australia

Legal Services Northern Territory Legal Aid Commission – Legal help for those in the Northern Territory

National Association of Community Legal Centres – National legal assistance for urban, regional and remote locations throughout Australia.

Credit File Information – For more information about credit, visit our credit score section.

Dun And Bradstreet (D&B)

Veda Advantage

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