How to Pay for University Without a Job

University on the cheapAccording to the NY Times, Australian Students enrolment numbers will reach 770,000 by 2015. With such high numbers, it would seem that many students are getting accepted into University, but how are they paying for it without jobs?

1. HELP Loans. There are several programs available for students needing help to pay for University. These include HECS-HELP, SA-HELP, and FEE HELP. HECS-HELP assists students in paying their student contribution fees. They may receive a discount of ten percent if they pay five hundred dollars or higher in upfront fees. FEE HELP loan schemes help student pay the required tuition fees. A student can borrow up to $93,204 unless they are studying to become a dentist, doctor, or veterinarian which in this case they can borrow upwards of $116,000. Just remember this loan does carry a hefty fee of twenty five percent. SA-HELP is a loan that takes care of the services and amenities fees.

2. Commonwealth and other Scholarships. This program helps Aboriginal and other indigenous citizens by assisting them with the basic costs of education and support when relocating from a remote location to go to University. There are not many of these scholarships so students should apply to their University of choice as soon as they know their intention to attend. There are also scholarships for, sports excellence, honours, and research. Depending on your accomplishments, you may be able to get the education you want by doing what you love.

3. Join the Military. When you join the Airforce and attend the Australian Defence Force Academy, not only are you given a salary, but your college tuition and expenses are paid for by them in exchange for a short period of service. When your training is complete you will have earned an undergraduate degree from the University of New South Wales.

4. Parents. Now if you were born into a wealthy family or if your parents began saving for your education early on in your childhood, you may be lucky enough to have University paid for at no expense to you. This is not the case for most students, but even small amounts of parental assistance can cover a few of your costs, so go ahead and ask them. They may just surprise you.

Paying for University when you don’t have a job can be somewhat challenging. However, there are programs available to help you get there. By taking advantage of HELP Loans and Scholarships; you may be able to get a great education without working. Now if you would like to earn some money as well, consider joining the military. The Airforce will provide excellent training, a salary, and a degree. In addition, as long as you have income coming in from a source beyond a job, you may be able to get unemployed loans for various expenses while at school. If these choices don’t sound like your venue to higher learning then see if your parents are able to assist you. Regardless of which road you travel, the only thing that will matter in the end is that you received your education and are on the way to starting your career.

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