Free-to-Air or Paid TV: The Answer May Surprise You

paid tv or free to airWhen it comes to in-home-entertainment from the television there are a two main options, Free-to-Air TV and Paid TV. There aren’t huge differences between the two beyond variety and costs but there are some other considerations to think about when choosing one over the other.

How do you determine which option is right for you and your family and which will provide the type of services you are looking for? Below are some things to keep in mind when thinking about which choice of entertainment works for you.

Free-to-air TV is basically free broadcasting that you can receive via an antenna which has now been switched to digital as of Dec 10, 2013. Naturally, the main benefit of this service is the price tag, it’s free! Other reasons why you may choose free-to-air over paid TV include:

– You don’t watch much TV so don’t see the point in paying for it

– Digital TV actually covers more than enough channels for you: sport, news, movies, entertainment, documentaries, cartoons and more.

– You can stream or rent any shows or movies that aren’t covered from the above

– You are on a strict budget and don’t find the value in paid TV

Paid TV
The main benefit of Paid TV is the vast volume of channels that are available to watch. You may be provided with as many as 200 channels by going with paid TV. There is really never a shortage of shows to watch. Beyond the selection of channels you receive, here are a few other reasons you may opt for paid television.

– You’re not into the outdoors and love staying in and watching TV

– You like catching the latest TV series that are only shown on paid TV

– You enjoy the convenience of being able to record shows and avoid ads

– You feel that you costs of Paid TV are offset by staying in to watch shows instead of going out and spending money on entertainment (eating out, drinking, movies, shows, etc)

Which Option Is Right for You
This really comes down to personal or family preference and balancing a budget; if costs are not a major obstacle for you, do you find value in paid TV?

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