How to Save on Internet, Phone & Mobile

save on internet and mobile billsThe costs associated with staying in touch with family and friends via a mobile, land line or internet can be fairly expensive these days. Trying to navigate through the different phone, internet and mobile plans can also be difficult. Signing up to the wrong plan can be very costly and this can be seen in the horror stories of people having bills that run into the thousands.

As with most things in life it comes down to due diligence and asking the right questions, before committing to a lengthy contract. Below is a look at several ways you can avoid falling victim to a huge bill and tips on how to save money.

How to find savings across all 3
If you or your household use all 3 services the below are a few quick tips to save cash and avoid any surprises.

– An obvious tip is to bundle all services with one provider

– Look for plans that are suited to your family needs

– Utilise comparison sites to find out which providers are the most competitive, BUT then check reviews on those providers as they may be cheaper for a reason!

Mobile Phone Service
There are several steps you can take to save money on your current mobile phone plan. These tips will help you save money on a monthly basis and show you how to avoid unnecessary charges.

– Do not go over your limit on minutes, texting or internet usage. Oftentimes, the overage costs are much higher than the standard costs. If you are constantly checking your usage you are probably on the wrong plan – upgrade.

– A quick way to reduce your bill is to see if your employer will cover the full or partial cost of your mobile, especially if you use your mobile for any work purposes – ask and you shall receive (maybe).

– Avoid texting and utilise free services such as WhatsApp, messenger, email or Skype as a way of communicating quickly versus text messages.

– Avoid purchasing apps for your phone, especially apps that require a regular subscription. Check your plan and delete any subscription you have already signed up for.

– Consider purchasing a pre-paid phone plan. These plans have no hidden fees and will not allow you to go over your limit without pay extra money upfront. This kind of plan can be a very good option for families with teenagers, who are constantly going over your plan limits. It’s also great for international travel.

– When purchasing a phone, see if you can get a unlocked phone through overseas online sellers for cheaper – ebay, amazon, etc…

Internet Fees
The best thing to do when trying to reduce you internet fees is to shop around for the best deal. There is decent competition when it comes to internet providers and you can negotiate a decent deal. The very first step is to accurately identify what your or your family’s usage rate will be for the present and near future. Below are a few ideas on how to get savings.

– If you have work that relies on the internet, ask your accountant how you can write some of this off. If you are employed and often work from home using the internet, ask your company to cover some or all of the costs.

– As mentioned earlier, bundling services can provide great savings.

– Try not to get locked into long contracts, this will allow you to change providers as need be. However, before ever changing see if they will price match.

– Make sure to get a plan that matches your usage.

Land Line Savings
If you already have a mobile phone, you may not even need to have a home phone anymore. However, if you want to keep a home phone you can take steps to reduce your current bill. If you are receiving payments from Centrelink, you may be eligible for a Telephone Allowance in the form of a credit or rebate. You should check with the Centrelink office to see if you are eligible. You can also contact your phone carrier and ask them to delete any added services like call waiting, or caller ID and give you the cheapest phone plan available.

If you have internet at your home, you can consider purchasing a VOIP system that will be directly connected to your internet service. These phone systems work just like a regular home phone but are much less expensive because it goes through your internet line. You can also choose to use services like Skype and Facetime and make phone calls directly from your computer at no additional fees.

Make sure you take the time to explore all of your options to determine what would work best for you and your family. You also need to take a look at your budget and determine how much you have available to spend on these services. By shopping around and educating yourself on the different options available, you will be able to make the right decisions for you family and save money on your bills.

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